Cyber Security
When conducting a cybersecurity investigation on a Windows operating system VFC can prove invaluable. There are various artifacts you can look for to identify potential security incidents or breaches.

These artifacts can provide valuable insights into the activities and events that have occurred on the system. ... Read More
Incident Response
Incident response (IR) is a structured approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of security incidents and data breaches.

The primary goal of incident response is to reduce the impact of an incident and minimize recovery time and costs.

It involves a coordinated effort to detect, respond to, mitigate, and recover from security incidents in a systematic and efficient manner. ... Read More
Digital Forensics
VFC has been assisting on Digital Forensic (DF) investigations for over 16 years.

DF is a specialised branch of forensic science that focuses on the identification, preservation, analysis, and presentation of electronic evidence. It involves the systematic investigation of digital devices, computer systems, networks, and digital data to uncover and document information related to criminal or civil cases. ... Read More