VFC gives a new dynamic to the way an investigator works on an investigation VFC Lab puts the investigator “in the room” with the original user, providing invaluable access to software and data that cannot be easily found with a typical examination.

The investigator can find evidence in its easiest format, just like the original user. ... Read More
VFC Portable
VFC Portable takes virtualization to the next level.

Have you ever asked the question “Wouldn’t it make life easier if you could switch the original device on” while onsite?

Now You Can!

Configure your VFC Portable Device to contain your favorite toolbox of analysis software (eg. Imaging, Memory Capture\Analysis) for a Digital, Cyber, Incident Response Investigator. ... Read More
VFC Mount
VFC allows a forensic disk image to be quickly started as a virtual machine.

This allows the investigator to experience the original computing environment, as seen by a suspect. VFC supports a variety of third-party image mount tools. It also includes the very capable built-in tool VFC Mount.

A free edition of this mount tool is available on this website. This may be used by forensic investigators, teachers and students to mount forensic images and explore the contents. ... Read More