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MD5 had a fantastic few days at the 2023-F3 conference demonstrating VFC.  

It was great to see new and old faces and talking about how VFC would fit into all Digital Forensic processes.  

We even had a successful Police Force win a FREE VFC License; however, due to the nature of the business they required to stay anonymous.

VFC has some fantastic new features added, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a demonstration or even a visit from our team. 


Happy New Year to all VFC end users

We are pleased to announce we have launched VFC ‘Version 6.2.9’ with multiple new features!!

Our new release includes:

  • Exposes usernames and password hashes from domain cached credentials.
  • Extracts local user names and password hashes from all versions of windows.
  • Includes PWB routines for Windows 10 x86/x64 v2004 (10.0.19041.1889) and Windows 11 x64 (10.0.22000.856)
  • Handles Server 2019 and 2022


Please contact if you require any further assistance 


Good to receive feedback from one of our loyal customers:

"I have had the pleasure of dealing with both Tom and Lindsey from your organisation today.

A minor glitch on the website prompted an incomplete submission which Tom followed up immediately.

In the meantime I had rung your customer service number to check how to resolve an issue with our licence and my account and was put straight through to Lindsey. She resolved the issue within about 10 minutes from beginning to end and was a pleasure to speak to, nothing was a problem.

I have to say that these days, with the pressure that many companies and staff are under, this is not a common occurrence, and I have to say that where we find service as good as this it should be lauded.

Tom and I have also subsequently emailed around a possible visit and furthering how we use your VFC product. Which is appreciated.

Thanks all round for the support and help received today, and include the initial person who took the call, everyone was polite, knowledgeable and helpful."

Please note we have had to mark this as anonymously due to the nature of the case!

Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance with VFC.
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30 November 2022



Thanks for attending the ACFE Global Fraud Conference in Nashville last week. This is Lindsey Appleyard VFC Sales Manager with MD5 who was one of the exhibitors demonstrating VFC (Virtual Forensic Software) at this event last month.

Our team hopes you enjoyed the 2022 ACFE Global Fraud Conference and had an opportunity to visit our stand and learn more about VFC (Virtual Forensic Computing) and how it will save you time and money in your fight against Fraud.
VFC was originally developed by MD5 over 15 years ago to assist law enforcement agencies and digital forensic analysts in their investigations of computer devices and their fight against crime.
This software should be an invaluable asset for a CFE, VFC greatly assists corporate cases such as Insolvency, Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations and our continual development of the software has meant we have provided a simple cost-effective solution for accessing computer devices in a forensically sound manner without switching on the original machine.
This ultimately allows a CFE to assess a device for relevant data without the cost of a full forensic
Analysis or the need of an expensive digital expert.
I am pleased to also announce we are also in the Fraud-Magazine; you can view this by clicking on the following link for a more detailed explanation of VFC:

I would love to set up a demonstration with you and your colleagues to highlight our benefits and features.

If you are available, Are you free for a quick call the week of 25 July 2022?
kind Regards,
Lindsey Appleyard
VFC Sales Manager
Phone: +44(0)1924 220999
Mobile: 07534433369 


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It has been a very productive and successful couple of months what with being recommended for ISO 17025 accreditation and being able finally after the Covid restrictions to attend the IACIS conference in Orlando and most recently the ACFE Nashville event.

Lindsey and Tom did a fabulous job of presenting and demonstrating VFC 6 to the attendees of the ACFE Conference/exhibition in Nashville in June (see Photo below)

VFC 6 went down a real storm particularly when demonstrating how over the last few years it has moved forward at a tremendous and exciting pace.

The latest features included in the new release 6.1 are (this is all included at no extra cost to existing license holders):

1.      Multiple language support: VFC now supports Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese and Hindi user interface

2.      VFC log file now supports Unicode characters (for improved non-English usage)

3.      Added support for Windows 11 host and guest OS

4.      Added PWB routines for Windows 11

5.      Improved native GPT partition support and support for > 2TB partitions

6.      Explore feature now supports GPT partitions

7.      Patch VM / Restore points feature now support GPT partitions

8.      Win Server 2019

VFC has been transformed into a tool that has become invaluable to a digital forensic practitioner internationally.

MD5 have carried out a lot of development work on VFC and it is only when you get out and about again do you really get true feedback about a product.

 Here are just a few of the ACFE attendee’s responses to seeing VFC 6 (some for the very first time) which I want existing and new potential customers to benefit from:

·       Password word bypass tool and password reset tool

·       Speed

·       Standalone VM

·       User friendly both in investigation and portraying evidence

·       Prioritising capability

·       Basic triage capability

·       The price

If you want to investigate, further contact our sales team Tom & Lindsey, they are happy to organise a demo of the software to run through the full benefit(s) of the software.

 The email address is


We are pleased to have released Version 6.1, the latest features included in the new release are:

(This is all included at no extra cost to existing license holders)

1.      Multiple language support: VFC now supports Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese and Hindi user interface
2.      VFC log file now supports Unicode characters (for improved non-English usage)
3.      Added support for Windows 11 host and guest OS
4.      Added PWB routines for Windows 11
5.      Improved native GPT partition support and support for > 2TB partitions
6.      Explore feature now supports GPT partitions
7.      Patch VM / Restore points feature now support GPT partitions
8.      Win Server 2019



Read our article in the Your Expert Witness Magazine, pages 30-31



MD5 is now offering VFC as a Service to Insolvency, Fraud and Financial investigations.

 click here for more information:


MD5 are pleased to announce we will be attending the following conferences with our VFC stand #VFC6:

IACIS Orlando Florida on the 28th April 2022 to the 2nd May 2022

Fraud in the Wake of COVID-19: Benchmarking Report,” ACFE
ACFE Nashville on the 19th June 2022 to the 21st June 2022

HTCIA International Conference & Training Expo 2019 - 2019-09-22 -  Crunchbase Event Profile

HTCIA September 2022 (dates and venue to be confirmed)

Please come see either Lindsey Appleyard or Tom Cross on our booths have a friendly chat and to see our fantastic VFC6 product.

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MD5 are pleased to confirm that our VFC software does not use the Apache Log4j library and consequently is not impacted by the recent “Log4Shell” (CVE-2021-44228) vulnerability.


MD5 are excited to announce the launching of  VFC version 6, and as an ongoing commitment to our loyal customer base and the hardship caused by the ongoing pandemic VFC Version 6 is at no extra cost.

In this release the product has undergone major surgery that once again puts our product ahead of the competition:

  • VFC has now Added support for Unicode path names to better support non-English deployments
  • VFC has been reworked to take advantage of the Windows operating system’s multilingual capabilities. It will include Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Dutch.
  • Windows 11 virtualisation capabilities
  • Works on Windows 11


VFC 5.3!

This version includes:

  • Availability of ‘fast mount’ feature on the UI.
  • Improvements to the GPR tool.
  • Discontinued support for 32-bit.
  • Updated password bypass routines


VFC 5.2!


The forensic disk image must be “mounted” to make it visible to both VFC and later VMware. Our latest release, VFC 5.2, includes VFC Mount (introduced in VFC 5). However, VFC Mount is now also available as a standalone tool that can be downloaded free from our website, without the need of a license! This has been designed for use with VFC and optimised to avoid common compatibility problems with VMware. Although VFC Mount is designed to work with VFC, it can also be used as your everyday mounting tool.


Generic Password Reset (GPR) was introduced in VFC 5 and this allows the user to use to change or remove the password completely. A new feature of VFC 5.2 allows you to choose to remove passwords during the VM generation process. This means less steps are required to access the VM.


Since VFC 5, users have been able to bypass passwords on live ID accounts. This was accomplished by creating an exploit using the generic password reset tool. This was performed once the VM was virtualised in VMware.

A brand-new feature introduced in VFC 5.2 is the ability to convert live ID accounts to local accounts during the VM generation process. WHY. This conversion takes place at the same time as the password removal. Again, saving you time during the investigation.