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MD5 are excited to announce we will be launching VFC version 6 imminently, and as an ongoing commitment to our loyal customer base and the hardship caused by the ongoing pandemic VFC Version 6 is at no extra cost.


In this release the product has undergone major surgery that once again puts our product ahead of the competition:


  • VFC has now Added support for Unicode path names to better support non-English deployments


  • VFC has been reworked to take advantage of the Windows operating system’s multilingual capabilities. It will initially support Chinese, Japanese and Italian (Additional language support to be added in the Autumn including: Spanish, German and French).


VFC 5.3!

This version includes:

  • Availability of ‘fast mount’ feature on the UI.
  • Improvements to the GPR tool.
  • Discontinued support for 32-bit.
  • Updated password bypass routines


VFC 5.2!


The forensic disk image must be “mounted” to make it visible to both VFC and later VMware. Our latest release, VFC 5.2, includes VFC Mount (introduced in VFC 5). However, VFC Mount is now also available as a standalone tool that can be downloaded free from our website, without the need of a license! This has been designed for use with VFC and optimised to avoid common compatibility problems with VMware. Although VFC Mount is designed to work with VFC, it can also be used as your everyday mounting tool.


Generic Password Reset (GPR) was introduced in VFC 5 and this allows the user to use to change or remove the password completely. A new feature of VFC 5.2 allows you to choose to remove passwords during the VM generation process. This means less steps are required to access the VM.


Since VFC 5, users have been able to bypass passwords on live ID accounts. This was accomplished by creating an exploit using the generic password reset tool. This was performed once the VM was virtualised in VMware.

A brand-new feature introduced in VFC 5.2 is the ability to convert live ID accounts to local accounts during the VM generation process. WHY. This conversion takes place at the same time as the password removal. Again, saving you time during the investigation.