Upgrade from VFC3 to VFC4 (Law Enforcement & Government)

Upgrade from VFC3 to VFC4 (Law Enforcement & Government)
Upgrade from VFC3 to VFC4 (Law Enforcement & Government)
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Product Code: VFC4 Upgrade (LE & GOV)
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Virtual forensic Computing 4 (VFC4) is a more powerful and faster version of VFC. This new, next-generation product contains a number of enhanced, improved and brand new features which have been requested for development by our valued customers.

VFC4 will benefit you in the following ways:

·         Faster processing

·         More than twice as many Windows password bypass routines compared to VFC3
(starting with 276)

·         PassWord Bypass (PWB) database updates will no longer require reinstallation of VFC

·         Point-and-click option to add in additional hardware to load external or multiple drives into an existing VM (to rebuild the suspect machine as last viewed by them)

·         Point-and-click generation of a standalone Virtual Machine for sharing with non-technical departments

·         Network License capability


… in addition to the following existing (VFC3) features and benefits:

·         134 Windows Password Bypass Routines (including Windows 10)

·         Support for Windows 3.1 - Windows 10

·         Additional support for Apple Mac OSX, Linux and SunSolaris OS’s

·         Partition image support

·         Support for GPT formatted disks (including password bypass)

·         Detection of up-to-date versions of VMware and VDDK

·         Last date of use (start-up, shutdown) and user accounts read directly from the registry

·         Full Computer Forensics applications (e.g. EnCase/X-Ways) or additional disk emulation modules are not required

·         No need to restore Computer Forensics image files to another PC to try and boot them

·         Work from a mounted E01 or DD image

·         Work directly from a write-blocked physical hard-drive

·         Boot a forensic image of a suspect’s computer

·         Forensically launch a suspect’s machine in its native environment

·         Experience the ‘desktop’ as seen by the original user

·         ‘Rewind’ a machine using Restore Point Forensics

·         Check for auto-run cleaning software and up-to-date anti-virus

·         Use screen-grabbed images to help explain technical evidence

·         Use inherent software to view active downloads or open up and export spreadsheets

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