About Us

MD5 are the creators of the world Renowned Software Innovation - Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC).

Established in 2003, MD5 is regarded as one of the leading digital forensic solutions companies in the UK. Our extensive client list includes large multi-national businesses, government and law enforcement agencies, solicitors and accountants. 

Our fully trained forensic investigators have extensive knowledge and experience in computer forensic and mobile phone forensic investigations and have extensive experience in presenting evidence in an understandable format in a court of law. 

• Search and Seizure 
• Registered Expert Witness 
• Computer Forensics 
• Mobile Device Forensics 
• Live Data Collection 
• Cell Site Analysis 
• Data Recovery 
• Assist lawyers to establish legal facts from computers and smartphones 

MD5 are leading experts in recovering digital evidence, providing computer and mobile phone forensic services to a wide range of clients. “If there is incriminating data on a computer or mobile phone, MD5 will find it!” 

• Highly qualified forensic and eDisclosure professionals. 
• Teams led by Masters qualified experts. 
• Secure, state of the art laboratory and latest software. 
• Innovative, industry leading experts. Our software is used globally. 
• Fully qualified and security cleared. 
• Confidential data protected by secure premises. 
• ISO 27001 accreditation for Network Security. 
• ISO 90001 accreditation. 

MD5 have the tools, the people and the track record of delivering the best quality digital investigation to all of our clients, both large and small. If you have any questions, please contact us on +44(0)1924 220999.

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