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SuperImager® Plus Line of Products – Next Generation Linux Dual Boot Units - Full Mobile Forensic Investigation units

The SuperImager line of products has built-in and supplied with extremely fast forensic imaging capabilities. The main function of the units is performing a very fast forensic imaging from multiple sources to multiple destinations in parallel operations. The same units have also the ability to erase data from hard disk drives and storage devices, restore forensic images back to original drives, calculate hash authentication and verification, and perform full encryption.

All the units are compact and are built to be mobile, easy to carry solutions. They come with touchscreen displays and easy-to-use applications, all designed with simple self-explanatory icons. All models come with SATA, USB3.0 ports, 1GbE, and some models come with additional SAS ports.

Example of the use of the applications: User can choose to run forensic imaging with E01 format, with a full compression, encryption with AES256, 3 simultaneous hash authentications, a binary keyword search, and save the forensic Images into 2 external Evidence Hard Disk Drives, to a USB3.0 external RAID storage, and to a local network at the same time.


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